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Cleaning With Essential Oils


Essential Oils are a great way to add some fresh scents along with the benefits of each oil.  From disinfecting to odor removal, there are many ways that Young Living Essential Oils can enhance to your clean.  A few examples include:


Thieves- whether used as a cleaner or diffused, this amazing oil will disinfect and prevent the spread of germs and viruses while leaving a warm, spicy scent


Purification- the best weapon for fighting odors in the home including pet odor, cigarette smoke, and cooking odors


Lemon- great for cleaning and leaving a fresh, fruity scent.  Can be used to clean stains from carpets or to remove sticky-stuff such as gum or glues


There are many other uses such as deterring insects, keeping your fridge odor free, cleaning glass, and so much more.  At Sweep You Off Your Feet, we are fortunate to have a Young Living consultant to teach the staff the ins and outs of essential oils and how they can be used to enhance a clean!


For more information on the use of essential oils in your clean, please contact us.  Additional charges will apply to each clean with essential oils.

Loved the results of an essential oil in your home? Want to keep that fresh scent around all the time?  Essential Oils can be purchased by contacting Lisa! 

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