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Seniors Services

Home Care clients Cleaning Services

Sometimes the household chores we need done, aren’t as easy as they once were.  We know that it can be tough sometimes which is why we have a program specifically geared towards seniors and Home Care clients.

Packages for seniors and Home Care Clients vary and are designed on an individual basis, as everyone’s needs and homes are different.

Some of the more common examples that we have included in packages are:


  • Disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of viruses and ‘common’ germs for homes with weakened immune systems

  • Assisting with laundry chores

  • Changing bedding

  • Cleaning out cupboards

  • Dusting valuables such as china cabinets

  • Cleaning and sanitizing home health care supplies and equipment

  • Decorating (and un-decorating) for holidays

  • Watering household plants








For more information on packages for Seniors and Home Care Clients, please contact us.  


For families looking for help for a loved one, we do ask that you be prepared to provide a little bit of information on your loved ones situation.  This is so we are able to ensure the most comfortable and efficient service possible.  For example- if your family member has mobility challenges, we will be better able to plan for safety precautions while we are in the home cleaning.

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