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Tips and Tricks

to keep your home clean and fresh

Everyone loves the feeling of a freshly cleaned house.  To keep that fresh feeling longer, here are a few quick and easy tips!

  • Use a squeegee after each shower to prevent soap build up and mildew from growing

  • Place dryer sheets in the bottoms of waste baskets to help with pesky odors

  • Empty your garbage cans often to prevent items from rotting and causing not only odor but bacteria from growing

  • To quickly dust lamp shades, use a sticky lint roller

  • For slower drains, pour hot water down them frequently to help prevent clogging

  • Coffee filters make a great polishing cloth for mirrors and glass as they are lint free!

  • Cut up lemons down a garbage disposal unit will help neutralize odors

  • Placing a basket at the bottom of stairs to put in items that need to go back upstairs.  When you go up, take the basket and empty to prevent a big pile of items to put away

  • Change out bars for soap for shower gels or liquid hand soap to prevent soap scum from building up

  • Dryer sheets are a great way to quickly dust baseboards


Have a great tip or trick?


Please feel free to share it with us so we can pass it on!


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