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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleans are designed to be a one-time thorough clean of your home, or a first time clean to be followed up with a regular house cleaning schedule.  Along with the components of a basic clean, deep cleaning services will allow our team to dig a little deeper and get the extras done so you don’t have to.   Deep cleaning includes (but is not limited to):


  • Light fixtures cleaned (if safely accessible)

  • Cabinets and closets cleaned inside and out

  • Appliances cleaned inside and out

  • Blinds and curtains vacuumed or cleaned

  • Fans and vents cleaned

  • Baseboards cleaned

  • Wood surfaces polished

  • Doors, frames and hinges cleaned and polished

  • Walls washed

  • Windows washed inside and out (if safely accessible)

  • Light switches, handles, etc. sanitized









Everyone’s home is different, so prior to your deep clean we will discuss your needs and budget to come up with a package best suited to your home.


*** For the safety and well-being of our staff, please be aware that there are some chores that Sweep You Off Your Feet are not able to accomplish.  For more information on the tasks that we are unable to do, please speak to a member of our management team.

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